viernes, octubre 10, 2008
Perhaps because you've given me love - maybe without realising it
Perhaps because you were yourself always truly and open around me
Perhaps because when I was a fool and treat you awfully, you forgave me and were again great to me
Perhaps because you're so great, you're so beautiful with your dark eyes, your insatisfaction with yourself and life in general
Perhaps because you're always been different with me when we're alone, even now

Perhaps that's why I love you

Even when you don't
Even when you ignore me now, outstandingly
Even when I know I must move on
Even when I've lost all hope of giving you love and receive it in exchange

I urge you still
I picture you naked
I want to kiss you... still

PS. I've always love christmas, and your name take me there every time, maybe it's intended, even though how stupid and irrational it sound (and even when I fear for my mental health every time I think about it). You, with your loath for christmas, make me chirstmassy...
How can I let you go?

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